How It WorksEdit

Whenever AniMat finishes an episode of AniMat's Reviews or AniMat's Classic Reviews, he would give a certain number out of 10 for each of the parts he critiqued- The Story, The Animation, The Characters and The Songs (sometimes). This would then be divided into 3, 4 if it's a musical, and give it its full rating out of 10. If a number is uneven when divided (say, 17/30) he would round it up or down to the nearest three (making it 6/10). If there are 40 points possible and the total amount of points is an even number indivisible by 4 (say, 34/40), he would have it be X.5 (which would result in 8.5/10). Otherwise, the number is rounded to the nearest 4th number.


Amazing (9/10 or 10/10)Edit

These movies are considered phenomenal according to AniMat and are given the AniMat's Seal of Approval. He usually uses the Super Smash Bros. Melee Smashing... Live! Live Orchestra Music Track 5: Original Medley ( when he gives films like the ones made by Walt Disney Animation Studios this rating. However, in at least two cases (Yellow Submarine and Fantasia) he has instead let the review's background music continue to its finish in lieu of the SSM music.

Good (7/10 or 8/10)Edit

These movies are given favorable reviews according to AniMat. The music used is the Clear music in Sonic 2006/Victory music for Sonic in Super Smash Bros Brawl( when he gives films like the ones made by Walt Disney Animation Studios this rating.

Average (5/10 or 6/10)Edit

According to AniMat, these films are mediocre or okay and may only appeal to a certain audience. The music is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ( when he gives a film this rating.

Bad (3/10 or 4/10)Edit

These movies are considered bad according AniMat and are given the AniMat's Seal of Garbage. He uses Sonic 1 Game Over music( when he gives films like the ones made by The Weinstein Company this rating.

Abysmal (1/10 or 2/10)Edit

These films are considered the worst according to AniMat and are not only given the AniMat's Seal of Garbage, but sometimes also more of a rant rather than a typical review. He uses The Lion King - King Pride of Rock ( , 3:05 to 3:20) when he gives films including The Emoji Movie this rating.

  • Classic Review
    • Live action movie
      • Video Game
        • Documentary
          • Anime
            • Blu-Ray

How Films Get Their Ratings Edit

Ratings out of 30 Final Rating
30/30, 29/30 10/10 (Perfect)
28/30, 27/30, 26/30 9/10 (Amazing)
25/30, 24/30, 23/30 8/10 (Great)
22/30, 21/30, 20/30 7/10 (Good)
19/30, 18/30, 17/30 6/10 (Average)
16/30, 15/30, 14/30 5/10 (Mediocre)
13/30, 12/30, 11/30 4/10 (Bad)
10/30, 9/30, 8/30 3/10 (Awful)
7/30, 6/30, 5/30 2/10 (Abysmal)
4/30, 3/30 1/10 (Unwatchable)