AniMat's Top 10s (and more...) is a comedy, review-like, volg-style, show of a highest-raking list of any animated related list of any category created and hosted by Mat Brunet (aka AniMat). What AniMat does here, is that he does a list of anything that could be good, bad, or questioned to anyone,that features animated films, TV shows or films related to whatever category he's doing. He also does Top 5 Best and Worst animated films of which films came out in the year its been through. He started this when he did his Top 10 Disney Sidekicks, based from his Animation Lookback of Disney. After that, he started doing other Top 10s and Top 5s the whole year around, along with honorable mentions in all of them (except in Disney Sidekicks or the Best Animated sequels)
Top 10 disney sidekicks by animat505-d5nktlv

Top 10s Edit

Top 10 Favorite disney moments
  • My Top 10 Favorite Moments from Animation Lookback: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Top 10 animated sequels by animat505-d4jpr2i
Top 10 Worst Films Based on A Cartoon logo
Top 10 other disney villains by animat505-d6sb5mr
  • Top 10 WORST Animated Sequels
  • Top 10 Documentaries on Animation
  • Top 10 BEST Episodes of The Muppet Show
  • Top 10 BEST Blu-rays
    • BEST (Disney) Blu-rays
  • Top 10 WORST DVD / Blu-ray Covers

Top 5s Edit

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