Animation Lookback: DreamWorks Animation is the second season of Animation Lookback. Just as the title says, AniMat talks about the entire history of DreamWorks Animation (from Antz to Shrek Forever After) split up into 7 parts (there deserves to be way more The History of DreamWorks Animation - Animation Lookback). The final part consists of the "Honorable Mention", which in this case is Father of the Pride.

Animation Lookback: DreamWorks Animation
Season 2, Episode 15-21
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Air date May 27, 2010 - November 27, 2010
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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01. Introduction Edit

The word "groundbreaking" is starting to appear more often than before. Using it to describe new technology, video games, or movies that seem to change the ways on how we see the entertainment field today. In the animation department, that word is the best way to describe an animation studio simply called DreamWorks Animation. This studio has revolutionized the animation industry with its technology to animate their films and its impact on our modern lives. Today, I will show you its So now that you know what we're getting into, Now let's start in the world in the 80s. and god of films Steven Spielberg joined together to

02. Antz Edit

So, in 1998, they released Antz, the second computer-animated films EVER released. It's about an ant named Z, and yes, and everybody died... except for Z. Now they both go out to search for the legendary Insectopia. Because this guy likes to work really fast, over and OVER and OVER again, which he feels it's a waste of time. When it was released, the critics praised it for tis visual effects,

03. The Prince of Egypt Edit

Two months later, they released The Prince of Egypt, He later on would become the pharaoh of Egypt. Jeffery Katzanberg always wanted to do the story of Moses. Meanwhile, while forming DreamWorks "Why don't we do an animated film of Ten Commandments?" (Hallelujah (3x) - Heavenly chorus)

04. The Road to El Dorado Edit

The Road to El Dorado. It's the story of


05. Chicken Run Edit

06. Shrek Edit

07. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Edit

08. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Edit



09. Shrek 2 Edit

Now I know what you're all thinking. Is it just me or are the facts just getting less and less? Well, don't worry, dudes. It's just that Spirit and Sinbad are not really the most popular ones of the DreamWorks bunch. So pretty much, the less fame it has, the less facts I can find. Here, to make it up for ya, I'm gonna talk about Shrek 2. Besides, it's the next one. When King Harold, Fiona's dad and Fairy Godmother were not pleased with stop Princess Fiona from marrying Prince Charming. Saunders' audition for But the director said that he wasn't arrogant enough Since hair is actually the most pain-in-the-butt thing to animate, they brought in as real as possible. the highest-grossing animated film of all times!

10. Shark Tale Edit

After that, Oscar likes by saying that he killed the shark. so in a way, he's like Edward from Twilight, except when he's on, he's tolerable. Jeffery Katzenberg decided to change it to "Sharkslayer" WAIT A MINUTE!!! What the fridge are we talking about??!!! Let's go back to Shark Tale!!! dollars worldwide, but with the critics... *whew* it got ugly. and compared it to films like The Little Mermaid, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie in a way, gay himself

11. Madagascar Edit

put Madagascar on the big screen. It's about Gloria the Hippopotamus and Melman the Giraffe that takes too much medicine a zebra, a hippo and a giraffe in

12. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Edit

13. Over the Hedge Edit

14. Flushed Away Edit

15. Shrek the Third Edit

16. Bee Movie Edit

17. Kung Fu Panda Edit

18. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Edit

19. Monsters vs. Aliens Edit

20. How to Train Your Dragon Edit

In 2010, they released How to Train Your Dragon, based on the book of the same name by Cressida Cowell. It's the story of Hiccup (possibly the wimpiest Viking that ever existed! >8(), who captured the most dangerous dragon, the Night Fury. He sees the helpless dragon in defeat, and lets him go and befriends him, again with the dragon now called Toothless, learns about what a dragon hates and about a dragon's behavior and uses it during his dragon courses. Suddenly, Astrid, one of the students with finds out about Toothless and discover where the dragons come from. If you are a bit on how to make an animated film, it would take around three to four years to make one, right? Well, for how much

21. Shrek Forever After Edit

22. Honorable Mention Edit

Now it's time for the honourable mention.

23. Father of the Pride Edit

24. Edit