Animation Lookback: Hanna-Barbera is the third season of Animation Lookback. Just as the title says, AniMat talks about the entire history of Hanna-Barbara (from Tom and Jerry to The Powerpuff Girls) split into 5 parts. The final part consists of the "Honorable Mention(s)", which in this case are The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera (1990-2002) and Charlotte's Web (1973).

Animation Lookback: Hanna-Barbera
Season 3, Episode 22-26
Vital statistics
Air date September 26, 2010-January 7, 2011
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Episode guide
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Animation Lookback: DreamWorks Animation Animation Lookback: Don Bluth

Part 1 Edit

In this part, AniMat reviews cartoons such as Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones

Part 2 Edit

Part 3 Edit

Part 4 Edit

In this part, he is shown reviewing Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff girls,

Part 5 Edit

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