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Bratz, is a 2007 American live-action film based on the Bratz line of cartoon characters and dolls. The screenplay was written by John Doolittle and Susie Singer Carter.

Appearences in EDP Projects Edit

  • Top 10 Worst Films Based on a Cartoon he ranks it up as #1 on the list, and footage from the film is shown while he talks about it.
  • AniMat's Review's - Bratz the Movie he reviews the film and awards it the AniMat's Seal of Garbage with a really negative score of a 1/10 for it's...Oh it's just the WORST movie ever made! The writing is completely garbage, the actors didn't even try acting, the message this film has been convoluted, the story is not even a story, the character are just really dumb stereotypes that has even been put on film, the songs are unbearable, nothing makes any sense, everything is a disaster, that nobody in this film even put any effort on this at all!!!