1 Escape from Planet Earth

"This movie is literally nothing but trouble since the very beginning of production. After going through seventeen rewrites and a big lawsuit, the end result is possibly one of the most dull and generic animated features ever put on film. The story is just as plain and basic as it can get, while the characters are either not worth caring about or just a bunch of idiots. As for the animation, it's decent...but the designs, like the story, are completely generic and would look more suitable in a children's show." - AniMat's critique on Escape From Planet Earth.

Escape from Planet Earth is a 2013 Canadian-American[7] 3D computer animated comedy film produced by Rainmaker Entertainment and distributed by The Weinstein Company, and directed by Cal Brunker. The film was released on February 15, 2013.[6] This was the first Rainmaker Entertainment film theatrically released.

Appearences in EDP ProjectsEdit

Top 5 Best & Worst Animated Films of 2012 at the end of the video, when he looks at wat 2013's animation would offer, a poster for it is shown, and he labels it as "Ughh!"

AniMat's Reviews - Escape From Planet Earth he reviews the film and rewards it the AniMat's Seal of Garbage for its generic "Cain and Abel" story, unoriginal animation, and an annoying and forgettable cast of characters.

AniMat's Reviews - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 he mentioned as one of many bad films he's seen that he'd rather watch instead of "Cloudy 2".

AniMat's Reviews - Walking With Dinosaurs at the end, it's mentioned as one of five animated films he reviewed in 2013 that had, like the other four, recieved the AniMat's Seal of Garbage.

Top 5 Best & Worst Animated films of 2013 footage of the film is shown throughout the video, mostly when he talks about it, which is when he awards it the #2 spot on the worst list.

AniMat's Reviews - The Nut Job when talking about the characters, specifically, Greysen, he says that he's like Scorch from "Escape From Planet Earth", brief footage of it is then shown.

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