Top 10 other disney villains by animat505-d6sb5mr

The Top 10 OTHER Disney Villains is a Top 10 video that AniMat created to show a countdown of the greatest villains created by Disney, but outside of films by Walt Disney Animation Studios. For example, live-action movies, Pixar movies, video games, TV shows, theme park attractions, etc. He also includes an Honorable Mention of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas before hitting the #1 spot.


10 The Fearsome Five (Darkwing Duck)

9 Lots-'o-Huggin' Bear (Toy Story 3)

8 Jeffery Katzenberg (DreamWorks Animation)

7 Pete (Mickey Mouse franchise)

6 Judge Doom (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

5 Mr. Dark (Something Wicked This Way Comes)

4 Shadow Blot (Epic Mickey)

3 Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts games)

2 Syndrome (The Incredibles)

1 Constance Hatchaway  (The Haunted Mansion)